Join our movement for a national Hidden Disability Symbol

It is time. It is right. It is needed.

Because hidden disabilities are not readily apparent to others, there is a need for awareness, self-advocacy and representation of the Hidden Disability Community (HDC).

As a symbol of Canada’s commitment to our Hidden Disability Community, a national Hidden Disability Symbol will act as both a self-advocacy tool and a social, cultural, and systemic transformation tool.

➡️ Update – April 2022

We collected over double the number of required signatures on our petition – thank you to everyone for your support! 

On February 8, 2022 our petition was presented by MP Chandra Arya.

On March 24, 2022 the response from the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion to our e-petition, was tabled. You can read the response, HERE.

We believe that more education on hidden disabilities is required for the government to fulfil the Disability Inclusion Action Plan, specifically their focus on meeting the Accessible Canada Act goal of a barrier-free Canada by 2040, and fostering a culture of inclusion. 

Hidden Disability Symbol Canada, our allies and supporters will continue to educate and advocate for the needs of this often underrepresented community. We look forward to working with and informing the Government of Canada in their commitment “to building an inclusive and barrier-free Canada, where no one is left behind.”

Join Our Movement

We are looking for non-profit organizations to join us as allies by showing public support for Canada to adopt a nationally recognized Hidden Disability Symbol.

Scroll down below to see our list of amazing allies!

Our petition is closed, but YOU can still sign our Open Letter and show the government how big our movement is. We will also keep you informed of any updates or upcoming actions.

Current Allies

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